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“Our Beautiful Pit Bulls and Bullies are loved by many.”

We have a special place in our hearts for the Pitties. They are absolutely the greatest dogs in the world. Every dog should be evaluated as an individual. Breed discrimination or visual appearance of a dog mean nothing.   Just like people any dog can be dangerous.  We must as a society become better educated about our companion animals. WE MUST protect our communities and other animals from any dangerous dog and in the end many end up suffering.


 Block headed dogs are  the most euthanized mixed breed in Colorado and in our nation. Colorado is embracing them and our attitudes are changing slowly.  

 We are moving forward in legislation and hope to have no breed restrictions in the future. Bans are still in effect in Louisville and Lone Tree. Denver just lifted their Ban, thank you Denver. Commerce City and Aurora lifted their BSL bans in 2021.


“ Do not give the best of yourself to those that do not see the best in you! “

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