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 Do not give the best of yourself to those that do not see the best in you! 


Two are always better than one because they have a good return for their labor: if either falls down, one can help the other back up.​ If you need help finding that right dog, we are here to support you and help you find your new family member or best friend! We are a community service program bringing leaders together for collaboration. is a organization that was formed to advocate and collaborate with like minded animal lovers to provide a better life for our companion animals that we all love.   

We support our local shelters.   We have a​ dedicated group of volunteers that work tirelessly to make a better life for our animals, and consumers.    Rescue today does not operate as it began.  


 We seek  accountability for those that do not serve and support humane treatment for our companion animals.   PACFA, the  Pet Animal Care Facility Act, is dedicated to protecting the health and safety of those animals in pet care. Currently we believe the STANDARDS OF CARE MUST BE RAISED. 

Currently there are only 24 other states that have a program like Colorado.   Colorado should be #1 in Animal Welfare .  

Our Ethical Values

We pledge to:

*Make the effort to understand, respect and support all Colorado Rescues and Shelters that abide by high ethical standards

* Act with the highest integrity in each and every interaction

*Honor our commitments to the best of our ability; be open and honest about the scope of our work

*Treat others as we wish to be treated


The Five Freedoms

We believe animals have the right to freedom from hunger or thirst; freedom from discomfort; freedom from pain, injury or disease; freedom to express normal behaviors; and freedom from fear and distress.


We feel deep empathy for animals and people who are suffering.


We believe working together increases our collective achievements for animals and our communities.

Quality of Life

We are committed to the health and safety of pets and people in our communities.


We are responsible for continuously seeking and sharing knowledge and resources.


We hold ourselves accountable to our partners and community through transparency.

Real Life Choices

The gut-wrenching choices. The taboo issues we do not all agree on or talk about. Dog rescue workers and animal advocates face considerations of life and death on a daily basis. We cry ourselves to sleep many nights as we wrangle over "what-if?" and "if only. . .”. Yet, we rarely seem to allow ourselves to discuss the inevitable with one another. Questions such as:

What constitutes "quality life" for an animal? Are there instances in which continuing life actually extends suffering?

How do we decide which animals to pull from the shelters? (Choices that may ultimately determine who lives and who dies)

How do we balance quantity of lives saved over quality of lives saved? (boarding? multiple animals per house? animals who do not get along with one another? severely ill animals?)

How do we set limits for ourselves that are in line with our families and best practices. (how do we select whether and how many dogs to foster in our home? how do we make choices for the good of our our own health, our family and our current furry family members?)

What do the animals themselves think and feel?

Answers to these questions fall along a spectrum, with individual opinions varying from one extreme to the other. TABTO seeks to facilitate and encourage reflection around these difficult issues as they are essential to the quality and efficiency of our efforts. From our own experience and observations, it is clear that burnout in such an emotionally intense field of service is likely, as well as high stress that leads to compromised health, challenged relationships, and quality of life challenges for us as individuals.

Let’s be sensitive and kind as we all have varied points of view that matter. Let’s try to find common ground and respect one another. Let’s be forgiving like the dogs and kitties we all love.  

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